📢Join us in collecting 5,000 signatures to help turn South Dakota green and ensuring ballot access. 


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Ignite Change. Represent Your Community.

The South Dakota Green Party is on a mission to bring transformative and sustainable change to our beautiful state. Achieving ballot access is a pivotal step, and once we do, our ambition doesn’t end there. We are actively setting our sights on fielding dedicated candidates for every race across South Dakota. Our core values encompass environmental stewardship, social justice, tribal sovereignty, grassroots democracy, and defending the rights of all communities.

Whether you’re an experienced public servant or someone who is newly inspired to step into the political arena, we welcome you. Our party believes that passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds can bring fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and a genuine commitment to serve the communities they represent.

If you share our vision and feel the call to leadership, we want to hear from you. Together, we can transform the political landscape of South Dakota, prioritizing the needs and aspirations of its residents while securing a just and sustainable future for all. Join our mission, and let’s write the next chapter of South Dakota’s history together.

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