📢Join us in collecting 5,000 signatures to help turn South Dakota green and ensuring ballot access. 


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Stand Up South Dakota!

A Call to Civic Action, A Movement for Every Dakotan 

The Green Party of South Dakota proudly presents the Stand Up South Dakota initiative. Our great state, rich in history and culture, deserves a democracy that listens to and represents every voice. This campaign is an invitation, a call to action, and a pledge of support. It embodies the true spirit of South Dakota, where everyone, regardless of background or belief, is encouraged to participate actively in the democratic process.

Our Mission:

To inspire and assist every eligible South Dakotan in registering to vote, ensuring that our elections reflect the diverse and vibrant voices of our state.

Why Stand Up?

The name “Stand Up South Dakota” was chosen for its powerful symbolism. To “stand up” means more than just rising from a seated position. It signifies taking a stance, making a choice, and being counted. When South Dakotans stand up together, we create a stronger, more unified state where everyone is heard.

Key Highlights:

  • Inclusive Approach: While spearheaded by the Green Party, this initiative is non-partisan. Every South Dakotan, regardless of political affiliation, is encouraged to stand up and be counted.

  • Community Engagement: Through town hall meetings, community discussions, and outreach programs, we aim to educate, assist, and inspire our neighbors about the importance of voter registration.

  • Collaboration: We’re partnering with local organizations, businesses, and community leaders to spread the word and make voter registration accessible and straightforward for all.

Get Involved:

Democracy is at its best when everyone participates. Whether you’re registering to vote for the first time, assisting others, or just spreading the word, you’re making a crucial difference. Join us. Stand up for South Dakota. Stand up for democracy.