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A Green Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote

As the election season heats up, many in South Dakota and beyond are confronted with the age-old argument that voting for a third party, like the Green Party, is essentially “throwing away” their vote. But, as we in the South Dakota Green Party believe, every voice and every vote matters. Here’s why.

Reflecting on the Past Presidential Election in South Dakota

In the last election, President Trump won South Dakota with a 27 percent margin. This is a substantial percentage, and when looked at objectively, it’s clear that even if every Green Party supporter had cast their vote for another candidate, the ultimate result for the state would not have varied. At the current juncture, the Green Party’s influence on the national outcome, particularly in a state with such decisive results, isn’t game-changing.

Shifting the Focus to State and Local Politics

However, while the presidential vote in South Dakota was decisive, it doesn’t render the Green Party’s involvement insignificant. On the contrary, this involvement signals a broader shift and highlights the importance of focusing on state and local politics.

State and local governance often has a more immediate impact on our daily lives, shaping policies on education, the environment, infrastructure, and more. This is where the Green Party, especially here in South Dakota, can present alternative viewpoints, challenge the current norms, and bring new solutions to the table.

Gaining ballot access and having a presence in local elections enables the Green Party to build a grassroots foundation. As we establish and reinforce our standing at the local level, the potential to shift the narrative and impact future elections becomes even more significant.

Your Vote as a Testament to Your Beliefs

Every South Dakotan has the right to express their vision for the future through their vote. This is not just about backing the winning horse; it’s about standing up for what you believe in. By supporting the Green Party, or any party that aligns with your values, you are sending a message — a message that demands diverse perspectives and voices in our political discourse.


From the standpoint of the South Dakota Green Party, it’s crucial to embrace a broader view of what voting signifies. Every vote is a reflection of hope, aspiration, and conviction. As we continue to make our mark in South Dakota’s political landscape, we urge you to remember the power of your voice. Voting for what you believe in is never a wasted effort; it’s the cornerstone of democracy.