📢Join us in collecting 5,000 signatures to help turn South Dakota green and ensuring ballot access. 


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South Dakota Ballots

Greetings, fellow South Dakotans!

The Green Party of South Dakota (GPSD) is on a mission to bring true sustainability, social justice, and grassroots democracy to our beautiful state. We believe that by offering an alternative perspective and solutions to our state’s challenges, we can build a brighter, greener, and more inclusive future for all.

Why Sign the Petition?

In order for the GPSD to become a recognized political party in South Dakota, we need the support of people like you. Gaining recognition isn’t merely a label—it’s the key to:

  1. Accessing Ballots: Recognition allows our Green candidates to be listed on election ballots, giving voters a broader choice of representation.

  2. Platforming Issues: It provides an opportunity for environmental and social justice issues, often overlooked, to be brought to the forefront of state politics.

  3. Grassroots Participation: As a party that firmly believes in grassroots democracy, recognition will give us the chance to involve more South Dakotans in decision-making processes.

How You Can Help:

Signing our petition is simple, yet impactful. Here’s how:

  1. Review the Petition: Read through our goals, values, and aspirations for a greener South Dakota.

  2. Sign & Share: Add your signature to show your support. Encourage family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to do the same.

  3. Stay Connected: Join our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay updated on our progress and participate in future campaigns and events.

Our Commitment:

By signing this petition, you’re not only supporting our recognition but also sending a strong message about the kind of future you envision for South Dakota. We pledge to:

  • Uphold the principles of ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, and non-violence.
  • Work collaboratively with communities and stakeholders to enact meaningful change.
  • Ensure that every voice is heard and respected in our party’s decision-making processes.

Together, Let’s Cultivate a Greener South Dakota!

Your support will help plant the seeds for a vibrant and diverse political landscape in our state. Let’s work together for a South Dakota that prioritizes the well-being of its people and the planet.

Thank you for standing with the Green Party of South Dakota.